Trying to get my husband to workout

My husband and I couldn’t be more different with our priorities in life.

  • My husband is totally focused on the financial side of life.

He has saved a ton of money for retirement. He has paid off his student loans and has already purchased a rental property for extra income. Financially, he is very prepared and responsible. However, my husband doesn’t live a healthy lifestyle. He often snacks throughout the day while working a desk job. He never agrees to a bike ride but would rather drive the car. He drinks a lot of coffee, smokes cigarettes and is capable of eating a whole bag of potato chips in the evening. I would not be so concerned over these poor health habits if he would regularly workout. Just a half an hour per day would help immensely. I can’t manage to motivate him. I offered to cover the cost of personal training at the local fitness center in town. My husband was unwilling to make the drive and give up his time. So he is going to be overweight, deal with health problems and probably not live as long. I am in excellent shape. My daily workouts are extremely demanding and I watch what I eat. I go for a doctor’s visit once per year, use expensive skin care products and do six-month check ups with my dentist. I am not so good when it comes to money. I tend to spend nearly every dime I earn. I tell my husband that he is going to suffer a heart attack at 50 and his retirement money is going to take care of me. I think we both wish the other would listen to our advice.


Gym membership

Home gym gets overheated without A/C

I have a shed in the backyard. I use it as my personal gym. There are several folding mats to cover the cement floor. In the shed, I have access to a jump rope, free weights, wireless sound system and I keep a clean sweat towel on hand. I enjoy being totally private inside my shed. My husband rarely bothers me out there because the shed is located across the lawn. I close the door and do whatever I want. When the conditions are especially hot and sticky, I workout in my bra and underwear. I don’t need to worry about a delivery driver catching a peek at me. The only drawback to my shed is the absence of heating plus cooling. I am located down south and A/C is a priority. Feeling overheated is unpleasant when working out. The sweat sometimes burns my eyes because of how much runs down my face. I prefer a cardio based workout most of the time. However, jumping rope or doing sprints when the temperature is upwards of 90 degrees is horrible and can be dangerous. I drink water continuously, but that doesn’t prevent fatigue. I also get aggravated with the need to wash my mats everyday. The sweat makes the mat sticky and smelly. After every training session, I use my disinfectant spray plus do some cleaning. If I had a cooling unit, I could workout out more comfortably. I could enjoy my cardio workout for an hour and not be forced to exercise so early in the morning. I am planning to buy a window A/C unit that will fit the shed.

Personal Fitness Trainer

Need to be more careful about what I eat

It seems as if everyone wants to lose weight and get in better shape.

  • Some people give up and others don’t even try.

Some people prefer to focus more on their diet. They lean toward doing Weight Watchers or the KETO diet. I would rather target physical activity than what I eat. I am dedicated to working out every morning during the week. I workout for a full hour. I start with a warm up and stretch and then move onto strenuous cardio and some weightlifting. No matter what else is going on, I push it to the point of exhaustion and wanting to quit. Sometimes I deal with sore muscles or just feeling tired all afternoon because of an especially brutal workout. I am in decent shape, but not peak condition. For how hard I workout, I should be slimmer and more fit. I think my problem is that I don’t eat totally healthy. I am a vegetarian, so I am not eating red meats or seafood swimming in butter. I stay away from fast food, but my weakness is sweet treats. I just love all foods with sugar. Every day, I eat yogurt for lunch. Unfortunately, I like to add a few Oreos to it. For a snack, I might have carrots and hummus, but then I let myself have a few Reese’s cups! By dinner time, I feel a little ashamed of the candy and cookies. I eat a careful dinner but then I might finish with an ice cream bar or some chocolate for dessert. I snack on some type of sugar at different points over the course of the day. If I don’t have any candy in the cupboards, I start to panic. I know I could improve my weight and muscle tone if I would just be better about my diet. My gym offers nutritional counseling. I am considering consulting with a professional about my diet.

Workout program

Going too far when working out

I am not the best at doing things in moderation. Especially when it comes to fitness, I go a little overboard. I prefer gymnastic based workouts. One of my favorite training sessions is what I call drill day. Rather than go through the actual gymnastic elements such as walkovers or back handsprings, I work on the motions for it. I usually perform dozens of bridges, cartwheel drills and handstands; After a solid hour of this type of work, I am so overheated and exhausted I can barely stand. The next day I typically feel the results of the workout. My arms are sore from holding my body weight up repeatedly. My butt and thighs hurt from propelling me over on a cartwheel again and again. I even feel sore in my upper back, neck and groin area. Anything I do too much can become a problem. I can’t seem to restrain myself. I get really into my drills and end up feeling so sore. A little bit of an ache is good. To me, it means that muscles I don’t use often get worked. Too much soreness means I pushed my body too far. I’ve ruined many days worth of workouts because of overdoing it. When I have an aching back and neck, I don’t feel in the mood or shape to tumble. I then just start stretching and going through a yoga based workout. Now and then I make myself run. I never am as satisfied with those types of workouts though. I’ve learned it is best for me to do a moderate workout everyday instead of killing myself one day per week.


Certified gym

Lots of senior members at the gym

Unfortunately, the ladies tend to use up all of the lockers, towels and hot water in the locker room

My neighborhood is well-known for the population of senior citizens. The area offers lovely beaches and a slower pace. Retirees have been migrating to this neighborhood for decades. The mild weather is a big draw. Some live here full time. Others have vacation homes and spend half of the year here and the other half up north. Our state has now legalized medical marijuana. Many believe the law passed because of the interest of the older generations. Many of these seniors smoke or consume cannabis for a wide range of health issues. I have no problem with the large number of senior citizens in my community. They are typically very friendly. The only time I get a little aggravated is at the fitness centers. The seniors tend to fill up the machines. An older lady or man might take over a treadmill or an elliptical for over an hour. They walk at a very slow pace while I’m waiting to get in a twenty minute sprint. They also sign up for most of the fitness classes. I’m not happy when I attend the first class and realize that 90% of the students are in their upper seventies. It means that the glass will be geared toward them and I won’t get anything out of it. However, I’ve noticed that our senior gym members are more conscientious about wiping down the machines when they are done. Unfortunately, the ladies tend to use up all of the lockers, towels and hot water in the locker room. It would be nice if different days of the week at the gym catered toward different age groups. Even if they divided the classes by times of day, I would prefer it.

Fitness coaching

Getting help with SEO strategies

I invested a big percentage of my budget into marketing at the start up of my company.

I tried the traditional advertisement strategies to draw attention to the business.

Over the years, I noticed that my company was not growing as I’d hoped. I paid for billboards along the highway and advertised through local print media. I saw disappointing results from the efforts and yet the cost was high. I got really discouraged and finally mentioned my concerns to my brother. We chatted about work during a holiday dinner at our parents’ house. My brother advised me to give up on traditional print advertising and look into some newer methods. He said that I should consider digital marketing and professional SEO services. The company he works for had hired an SEO company to promote their services and were pleased with the return. His company was getting new sales and customers and had actually doubled their service appointments in just eight weeks of making this change. I wasn’t convinced that hiring an SEO company would work as well for my HVAC company as his car dealership. However, I did like the idea that having a professional manage my advertising and marketing would free up my time. I would rather focus more on the actual running of the business. I liked the idea of someone else handling the management of the website and social media posts. The company I chose started by totally overhauling our website and making everything from the font to the graphics more inviting. Our customers can now fill out a contact form and ask questions. Once we have their information, we can target them with specials and discounts. Plus, potential customers can see our list of services, including duct sealing, oil to gas conversion, sheet metal fabrication and other specialities. This has helped to bring in new customers and expand our service area.

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Reaching new customers

My corporation has grown successfully.

  • We have kept ahead of the majority of the competition in our industry and service area.

We typically rank high and receive positive reviews on social media platforms. Our SEO department keeps up with emerging trends. Our website generates a great deal of traffic. We get contact forms from new customers that lead to sales and services. I When the company sees growth, we reward our workforce at the end of the quarter. We share the profits to build company loyalty. However, after coming across some marketing blogs online, I saw that we were still missing out on potential leads. Our HVAC company was not tapping into the available social media opportunities. Our HVAC company has a presence on Facebook and Instagram that was proving helpful. The social media management team was seeing positive feedback every day, with a greater number of potential clients landing our pages. A higher percentage of these contacts were followed up by scheduling service. At least a quarter of those services converted into contracts for ongoing maintenance. This adds up into profits and growth. However, we were doing nothing with Twitter. I had heard about this platform a few years ago, but didn’t think it would benefit our dealership. After reading the marketing blog, I approached our advertising team. We investigated the options for Twitter and got excited. However, we didn’t realize the number of inquiries we would generate on our first day on Twitter. This was a platform with enormous potential. We gained quite a few sales and reached new customers.


Reaching new customers

The cleaners did a great job

My friend was taking over the family bar.

  • It was started in the 90s and is undoubtedly famous.

The bar survived lots of things as well as was still strong in the whole community. But our friends retired and it was a fight on who was going to take the business. My friend had l gained a lot under the owners and my buddy decided to run the bar. Plus, he had all the culinary resources as well as experience from working in a kitchen in Dublin. The bar was in enjoyable shape when my friends handed it over. I was in charge of the financial side based on my business experience. My buddy as well as I worked as a team as well as knew we’d make the venue even more popular. However, there were a few things we wanted to take care of. First, we had to get the space fixed up to fit the current trend. The two of us gave the staff a month off as well as closed the area for quick updates. They ended up lasting 2 months after which we needed some cleaning services. The venue wasn’t as wiped down by my friend as I thought. The floors needed to be stripped as well as then waxed. The carpets had so much grime on them that renting carpet cleaners didn’t do the trick! Even the walls had icky stuff on it. All of us wanted a commercial cleaning company to come in as well as make the bar clean as well as fresh. That meant using the best cleaning items to remove all the dust that had accumulated for years. As the cleaning staff worked, my friend as well as I realized that it was nice having professionals do the job. The two of us are going to have them do a deep cleaning once a month from now on.


Floor cleaner

It was a professional cleaning service

It took time to get everything going at the new offices.

The older venue had been our main center for over a decade.

But as the company went through the building process, it was getting too tight for us… Clients kept asking we get a venue in the city, as well as we finally had run out of excuses. The business was big enough to rent out a part in the city. All of us took over the majority of places in a new building downtown. I never knew how difficult it was to transfer an office as well as get everything in enjoyable shape in such a short duration. In addition, we had got the word out that we had moved as well as even hired a better cleaning maintenance for the space. Our operations manager took over locating a commercial cleaning company to come to the building. All of us had to get through high end floor cleaning to make the venue clean as well as fresh. With the pandemic, cleaning services were so important for our purchasers as well as us. Our operations manager informed myself and others she’d gotten enjoyable janitorial maintenance in the area that would do a deep cleaning through the week. The goal was to make the area fresh as well as sanitary as possible. After that, there’d be cleaners around to do yearly sanitizing cleaning services. I went to the office that weekend to check their progress as well as what I saw was so great. That was 1 of the most high end as well as qualified commercial floor cleaning services I’d ever come by. They had a precise cleaning plan as well as came with all the cleaning items, as well as plus, their staff were set up in uniforms as well as protective gear as they worked from 1 floor to the next.

Floor stripping service

My grandpa will remain a legend in my life

I like hearing stories about our Grandfather from our mom now that he is no longer with us.

It’s sad because he was such a crucial influence on me growing up and I loved the time the two of us spent together.

He used to take me on walks around the property at the varying houses he lived in over the years. When I heard news of his passing, I was completely shocked. I knew that his death was inevitable someday, I just didn’t expect it to come so soon. At least our mom’s stories keep his memory alive. What interests me the most is his transformation from being a landscape designer into a crucial commercial developer. He was laying sod, planting trees, and creating lush gardens for years before he signed contracts with local governments to develop roads, hospitals, and retention lakes. He also built crucial fences around residential and commercial properties. When he finally expanded his landscape design company into a commercial development empire, he had multiple unusual departments now working underneath him, but there was the real estate acquisition team, the landscapers, a commercial fence business, a fence removal business, a road now working team, and the construction team. By the time that I was a baby, my grandfather was responsible for some of the city’s lushest landscaping with some of the prettiest roadways. He was also responsible for designing the atrium outside the neighborhood courthouse, something that attracts residents on a yearly basis. I’m proud of our grandfather and the legacy he has left behind. I hope that someday I can achieve enough success where I know I would have made him proud.
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