Spending money on other things

All of my friends are getting married and having babies.

They all definitely look down on me and feel like I am messing up.

Nope, I don’t have a ring or a pregnancy on the docket. Instead I have a home that I am updating. I am happier than a pig in mud with my house. Instead of wasting money on a one day party, I can update my kitchen with all brand new appliances. Instead of buying a wedding ring, I bought a glass penny tile for my master bathroom. Rather than buy a bunch of baby furniture, clothing and diapers, I am buying myself a ductless heat pump. The heat pump works by taking existing heat energy and either pumping it in or outside the house. It is a cleaner, more efficient way to provide heating and cooling. You save so much on your energy bills each month with this system. It also is ductless and can have multiple indoor air handlers attached to one outdoor unit. That means zone control baby! I have a thermostat attached to every unit that is in every room. I don’t waste money heating and cooling the office and second bathroom. I only use ac in the kitchen when I cook and heating in the living room and at night in my bedroom. It also looks very modern and cool. I bet the resale value of my house has gone up significantly too. I would way rather have good, quality HVAC than a husband and a baby. My house will be perfect for when that day comes too.

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Hydronic heating worked out for us

Things just sort of worked out for me.

My wife and I moved into our house that had no air conditioning and a boiler system in the basement.

Since we live in the north, air conditioning is like owning a pony or a swimming pool. It is cool but not totally necessary most of the time. Anywho, the boiler system looked giant, old and ugly. It took up so much of the basement. At first my wife and I were adamant that the boiler needed to go. After hemming and hawing and living with it, we quickly realized how awesome boilers are. A boiler is super powerful and can do a lot of things. The boiler can heat your family’s hot water. It can be hooked up to be a pool heater or a snowmelt system. What we ended up doing was using it for heated flooring though. The big project my wife and I decided to do upon moving in was the floors. The carpet was this hideous beige color and scratchy. The two of us ripped it up and decided on tile floors. Did you know that tile is the best type of flooring for radiant heating? Did you know the only time you can install this heating system is when you rip up the floors? Did you know that I had enough money to do the heating installation? All of it worked out amazingly. My wife and I just added a step by doing the hydronic heating installation before the tile. We have piping that holds hot water. The boiler heats in our flooring now. Having heated flooring is just so amazing.

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Picked it because it was pretty

I am not technologically savvy by any means.

The only reason I bought a smart thermostat was because it looked pretty.

I originally bought my house with a beige thermostat that had a plastic toggle. It was super easy to bump it and change the HVAC settings. Frequently my husband would complain and the thermostat would be set to 90 degrees. The thermostat didn’t exactly blend with my grey walls and white tile. When it came time to replace it, I looked at all my options. It is amazing how different thermostats are now. The dial, basic thermostats are very ugly. They are a big, plastic square box that looks like it should be in Jurassic Park. The remote controlled thermostats are just as ugly and who wants to keep a remote on hand? The smart thermostat was the only one that looked attractive. It was small, lightweight and had a silver surround that matched my switch plates. It wasn’t until it was installed that I realized I got a lot more functions with this device. The thermostat now learns what I like heating and air wise. It automatically sets my machine the way I want it. It also alerts me on air filter changes, issues with the air quality and energy efficient settings. I even can see the outdoor temperature when I walk by it. I just love this convenient little thermostat. When I am late at the office ro on vacation, I can control it with only wifi connection. I don’t need to worry about pipes bursting or mold growing while I am gone.

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Getting rid of the woodstove

When my husband and I moved into our home it was obvious the previous homeowners had a colonial theme going on.

They had a wood ceiling, half wood walls, brown rugs, colonial looking wallpaper and a wood stove right in the living room.

It was horrendous. The room had such potential though. I left the wood ceiling and just cleaned it up to brighten the room. The half wood walls were sanded and painted white. The other wallpaper half was removed and painted light grey. Then I got new silver switch plates, recessed lighting and brand new grey tile floors. The last piece of the puzzle and most difficult was that wood stove. The homeowners didn’t even use it as a heating system. It was vented all the way to the roof, but totally clean. My husband was able to remove the piping and roofers patched and removed the giant vent on our roof. Then when it came to the actual heating system, it was a mess getting rid of it. The wood stove was cast iron and it took two of us to move it. Finding a buyer for the heater was difficult. No HVAC company wanted the system because it was so small. Since we live down south, not a lot of people want a heater like that. My husband did find a guy that was willing to buy it for his hunting shack. It should have sold for more but we were desperate to get rid of it. I am so glad that I now have that extra space in the living room.
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We opted for a multi-zone mini split in our apartment

Plus, we had so much work to do.

We weren’t sure about relocating to the city. But, it was the best place to expand our small business. Our mom had been an excellent source of support and helped our house hunt. We found a small apartment with extra space for a home office. It wasn’t the cutest, but it would do for the time being. The landlord informed us the AC unit was faulty, so it was better to get a mini-split Ac just in case the air conditioner shut down. Mom had worked for an AC company before, so she advised us to switch off the building aircon and use a multi-zone mini-split instead. It would be easier to control temperatures in different parts of the apartment. Plus, some energy-efficient models consume less electricity. Mom was right, and my sister got to work researching the top wall-mounted aircon units. We found some great examples, but we concentrated our research on reviews about multi-zoning the AC units. One AC vendor had experience with this, and we got in touch with them. The phone call lasted a few minutes, and we got all the information we needed about the wall-mounted AC system. The aircon would come with all the installation components plus a guide to help us. But, there was another option. We could contact an HVAC company near us and get an AC technician to install it in the house. That was a better option because my sister and I weren’t good with tools. Plus, we had so much work to do. We got in touch with an AC business near our building once the mini-split HVAC arrived. She came to the apartment an hour later and helped us set it up. The multi-zone mini split AC was the best unit I’d ever seen and came with a smart thermostat.


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The air ducts at the abandoned house were full of mould and debris

There was an abandoned house at the edge of town that our parents had warned us about.

It belonged to an old lady who had passed on.

No one had managed to locate her relatives, so it remained unclaimed for years. It was such a beautiful structure, and I always had a vision of restoring it. As an adult, I learned a relative had been found and offered to buy it. They accepted, and I got to work on the old structure. Apart from hiring a construction company, I also got in touch with an AC repair and maintenance business. The building was old, which was the case with the ductwork. The air ducts had been top quality at the time, but they were in a sorry state. All of them were full of gunk, mold, mildew, and even animal faeces. The indoor and outdoor HVACs were missing. I knew someone had removed them together with many other things in the house over the years. As much as I wanted to keep the house authentic, there was no way of saving the old air vents. The AC technicians informed me it was better to wait for the construction crew to finish restoration and call them. They’d come and put in modern air ventilation ducts that would go well with the structure. In the meantime, I got busy researching more about energy-efficient AC systems. My goal was to make the structure a hotel with a historical twist. We found so many lovely ornaments and historical items that I intended to display in the hotel. I noticed the top energy-efficient commercial HVACs were pricey, but this would benefit me in the long run. The AC supplier was happy someone restored the old house because it had such a fantastic history worth telling.

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Hemp extraction labs use hydrocarbon solvents and solvent-less heat presses

If I could go back to undergraduate school again to do something different, I would study chemistry. I find it so fascinating now that I’m interested in drugs and their effects on the body, in particular the brain. Neuropsychology is an emerging field that is making serious progress in mapping the human brain and understanding its behavior. In the back of my mind I see this as another fall-back plan, but I just don’t have the money to pay for the education. On top of that, I don’t know how I would secure work in this field. For now, it has to remain a hobby and side interest. It’s nice knowing cannabis and hemp extracts are made. There is a lot of confusion regarding solvents. Typically hemp extraction uses hydrocarbon solvents like butane and propane, alcohol solvents like ethanol, and also CO2. People like the sound of CO2 because it comes across as a benign chemical as we produce it with our lungs, but in reality it isn’t as good at retaining terpenes and minor cannabinoids as hydrocarbon solvents. People get worried that there will be residual solvents in the hemp oils and extracts after the hydrocarbon extraction is complete. Anyone following the basic guidelines for proper hemp extraction will put the product through a process that burns off any residual solvents in the oils. But you could also get hemp rosin through a solventless process involving heat and extreme pressure. Typically a hydraulic press with heating blocks on it is used to extract the rosin from the hemp flowers without the use of a chemical solvent.
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The film is for the turtles

That means I am required to have turtle glass on any window facing the water.

I recently bought a beach house that I am slowly renovating so I can rent it out during the summer season. The beach house needs lots of love. Since it is near saltwater, a lot of the metal inside the house is wrecked. The bathrooms need to be updated and the floors are coming up. I recently decided to give the beach house new windows. I wanted to spruce the place up and the old windows wouldn’t even open. Who wants to rent a house that can’t have a window cracked? I called a window installer and found something interesting. Since I am on the beach and where turtles nest, I need to get special turtle glass. The windows have a special window film that doesn’t create a glare with the sun. This doesn’t change anything for the inside of the house. The glare is for the turtles outside of the house. Apparently the brightness coming off the windows confuses nesting turtles and they leave their eggs. Since the turtles are endangered, they need to keep those eggs safe. That means I am required to have turtle glass on any window facing the water. How much is this window film you might ask? It is almost double what I was expecting to pay for windows! Every window is pushing 2 grand and I have four giant windows facing the water. I have to do it too. The windows are so bad and I will get in trouble if I don’t have a safe film over the glass for the turtles.


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Having bifold doors custom made

Rather than an ugly spot in the house, my bifold doors are a focal point

Due to space limitations, I have bifold doors on most of the closets in the house. When we first moved in, I was very unhappy with this style of door. They were flimsy, unattractive and difficult to clean. They each featured louvres that trap dust and need to be individually wiped. I found it nearly impossible to get into the corners, and I was never satisfied with the level of cleanliness. Because the doors were constructed of lightweight particle board, they didn’t open or close smoothly. They were very easily damaged. Even the hardware such as the hinges, track and handles were poor quality. I was eager to replace these doors. I checked every home improvement store and looked online and found nothing better. All bifold doors seem to be constructed of similar materials. Options for styles are few and disappointing. I finally contacted a custom furniture builder and asked if he’d be willing to make me new doors. He was totally agreeable to the idea. I provided exact measurements of each of the doors I wanted to replace. We then sat down and discussed materials. I warned against anything too heavy as it wouldn’t glide easily on the track. I chose a very pretty maple for the doors with a light stain. I liked the natural look of the wood grain. Since I needed six separate doors constructed, the project took awhile. However, the cost wasn’t that much higher than buying a generic door from the hardware store. Now that the custom doors are installed, they are just beautiful. Rather than an ugly spot in the house, my bifold doors are a focal point. People often remark on them and ask where I found them.


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I need to find cheap printing services for waterproof printing

It’s tough being an executive assistant in the office at our city’s largest boat marina.

I started as a simple deck hand in high school, but I quickly proved my worth and was given new responsibilities as I got older and became more proficient with the tasks I was given.

When I was around the age at which most people apply for college, I proposed to my boss that I stay with the company and forgo additional schooling under the condition that I could start working in the office. At the time this seemed like a fantastic idea, but now I’m not even sure anymore. It’s nice to be in an air conditioned office all day, but the work is extremely stressful. I have to coordinate meetings, deal with customers, file paperwork, and overall help the business stay afloat from one day to the next. The owners keep asking me to print signs and post them outside around the marina, but they get wet and destroyed in a matter of days. Despite paper’s obvious instability, I’m always blamed for the signs failing to last. I finally lost my patience and demanded they let me use company money to get waterproof signs printed at a local print store. The only caveat is that they forced me to call around and find the cheap[est printing services that offer waterproof printing. After showing them the bill, I’m hoping they will agree to purchase a special printer that is capable of waterproof printing. We’re a marina and this is only going to be an ongoing problem from here on out; we could save a lot of money by doing the waterproof printing ourselves.


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