We weren’t happy when the HVAC tech was late for our appointment

My significant other called a local heating plus A/C supplier to schedule a tune-up appointment, then the heating plus A/C supplier allowed my significant other to pick the date and the time.

Since my significant other works from the apartment on Wednesday afternoon, he picked that afternoon and time for the tune-up service; then I talked to my significant other at breakfast time and he was expecting to see the heating plus A/C repair corporation at 1…

Then about a half a second before the tied up appointment time, my significant other acquired a cell phone call from the heating plus A/C business. The corporation tied up to service our HVAC was caught in traffic and running late. My significant other thought the corporation might be a few hours late, but the guy was over two hours late for that appointment. My significant other had other things tied up for the afternoon and he had to transport some plans around when the heating plus A/C corporation was late. Luckily, both of us didn’t spend a lot of cash on the heating plus A/C tune up. The people I was with and I decided to use the current supplier because they were running a special. The people I was with and I particularly couldn’t complain about the service when both of us were paying a very small fee. Some of our neighbors paid a lot more currency for the same service. The heating plus A/C tech was thorough and precise while checking all of our equipment. The guy was in the lake house for almost an hour or two looking at our mechanical and electrical components, however when he was finished, he offered my significant other a full report on each section of the heating plus A/C system. If the guy had been on time, it could have entirely been a multiple star service appointment.

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