Our HVAC tech was late for our appointment

My wife called a local HVAC company to schedule a tune-up appointment, but the HVAC company allowed my loving wife to option the date and the time.

But since my loving wife works from our house on Tuesdays, she picked that day and time for the tune-up service… I talked to my loving wife at dinner time and she was expecting to see the HVAC repair specialist at 1; about a half an hour before the tied up appointment time, my wife received a cell phone call from the HVAC business.

The specialist tied up to repair our program was caught in traffic and running late. My wife thought the specialist might be a few hours late, but the woman was over an hour late for that appointment. My wife had other things tied up for the day and she had to transport some plans around when the HVAC specialist was late. Luckily, we didn’t spend much money on the HVAC tune up. The people I was with and I decided to use the new company because they were running a special. The people I work with and I actually could not complain about the repair when we were paying a small fee. Some of our neighbors paid a lot more money for the same service. The HVAC tech was thorough and precise while checking all of our equipment. The woman was in the home for almost an hour looking at our mechanical and electrical components; when she was finished, she gave our wife a full report on each section of the HVAC system. If the woman had been on time, it could have absolutely been a five star repair appointment.



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