Mom wanted a new house with great central AC

Mom hit the lottery more than 2 months ago.

I was so surprised at first when she called to tell me that she had won all of this currency.

I was truly shocked. I was a little jealous too, but of course happy for her windfall. Mom told me that the one thing that she longed to do after she got a check was to go and purchase a modern condo with an entirely fantastic heating and cooling method in it. I thought that was so odd, but then again, mom has had to face lots of issues with the Heating, Ventilation and A/C systems in all of the houses that she’s lived in since she left home after high school. Mom has had trouble with the electric furnaces, the gas furnaces, together with all of the air conditioner systems that she’s managed to get installed for years. When I recalled all of the trouble that she’s had over the years with her previous Heating, Ventilation plus AC systems, I understood why mom wanted a condo with a high efficiency heating and cooling method together with a whole home media air cleaner. Mom came upon the perfect place for her. The condo has attractive scenery, plus an exemplary heating and cooling unit in it. I don’t believe that mom will ever have any more concerns with her Heating, Ventilation plus A/C method as long as she’s living in this amazing condo. I hope she stays for years.


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