My sister hit the lottery and bought a new house

My sister Ada hit the lottery several months ago.

  • I couldn’t believe it at first when she said that she had won all of this money.

I was really shocked, honestly! I was a little jealous of it, too, but of course I was also happy for her. Anyway, Ada told me that the very first thing that she wanted to do after she got her first check was to go and purchase a new house with a really great heating and cooling system in it. I thought that was a pretty strange thing to say, but then again, Ada has had a lot of issues with the HVAC systems in all of the houses that she has lived in since she moved out of our parents’ house years ago. She’s had trouble with the electric furnaces, the gas furnaces, and all of the air conditioning systems that she’s tried to live with ever since then. When I remembered all of the trouble that she’s had over the years with her previous HVAC systems, it made more sense to me that she wanted a house with a high efficiency heating and cooling system and a whole home air purification system. She ended up finding the perfect place for her and her kids. The house has beautiful landscaping and even the garage and the basement have exemplary heating and cooling in them. I don’t think that Ada will ever have any more issues with her HVAC system as long as she’s living in this new house! I hope she stays there forever.
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