Dad learned there was a shortage of fireplace parts in town

Anyone who’s in the market for a new fireplace system this winter for their home has to go ahead and get the order in.

There have been plenty of supply chain interruptions for some time.

It means all of the fireplace parts and components are not readily available like before. This is quite a nasty issue for fireplace corporations all over the place around here. The message is for the people who have been considering getting a new fireplace or fireplace insert for this year. Many haven’t found what they want because it’s just been too tedious to track down the supplies. The local fireplace company here in our neighborhood mentioned this to our dad last week when he was in there to get some new fireplace tools for our gas log fireplace. The store owner explained that he didn’t imagine what he was going to do in Wintertide because of these interruptions. Dad felt so bad for him because he understood how all of this supply chain interruptions can hinder a small business. Dad didn’t personally have any stake in this matter this year, since he already had all of his fireplace supplies ready for this winter. However, he felt awful for our friends and neighbors who don’t have their fireplaces in place for the freezing temperatures. That’s why dad insisted that if they want a fireplace this year, they must get their order in as fast as possible.
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