Sandy plans to keep working to pay the heating bills in winter

Sandy’s older sister has always been a strenuous worker and she’s always done just about everything by herself.

It was only the two of them since their parents haven’t been around all that much.

They’ve been non-existent when it comes to helping Sandy’s older sister with costs, that’s for sure. It breaks Sandy’s heart to watch her sister struggle that way and so she made up her mind to find work and help her with some of the bills. Sandy knew she had to take on a few responsibilities by working a job and start to spend her money on the HVAC running costs. Sandy used her first paycheck to pay the HVAC running costs. Her sister broke down when she found out about it. Sandy’s older sister expressed that she was so proud of her. She also said that she was nothing like their parents, which was another positive comment when you think about it. Sandy thought that it wasn’t such a big of a deal for her to spend her paycheck on the HVAC running costs. Sandy went ahead and kept her job and covered the HVAC running costs the rest of the warm season. It was nice to take some of the pressure off of her older sister as far as all the bill paying goes. Sandy is planning on keeping her job through the Winter too to cover the heating costs.

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