My cousin paid the cooling bill for her sister

My uncle works so hard and takes care of my cousin all by himself. As my cousin has been growing up, his mom hasn’t been there for him at all. She’s not even taken part in helping to pay the bills in any way. It’s undoubtedly annoying to watch my uncle push himself so much. That’s why my cousin chose to get a job and help my uncle with some of the bills. My cousin saw that in order to take something off of his plate as far as the bills go, he’d begin working a job. The money he earned would pay the AC bill at home. When my cousin had enough money in his account to pay the AC bill this summer, my uncle broke down when he heard the AC bill was covered that month. My uncle told my cousin he was so proud of him. Also, he added my cousin was not like his mom, which was saying a lot, when you think about it. My cousin did good by paying the cooling bill for my uncle and he kept working to pay all the AC bills all through the rest of the summer. It was nice to be able to take some of the pressure off of my uncle as far as all the bill paying goes. My cousin is planning on keeping his job through the Winter too to cover more AC bills.


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