Mom knows the air conditioner is old and requires an upgrade

Mom called me with news that she was going to live in a senior complex in the city with her friends.

We’d visited the place and mom really liked it. The complex was a perfect accommodation with a workout area, centre and all stores she’d need. I saw that mom couldn’t wait to get there so that she can join her friends in all of the fun clubs and classes there organized for them. I suppose I get that, but it makes me sad that she’s going to be selling the house I lived in all my childhood years. Mom had a good offer in place for the house, but the only thing that she had to do before the deal was done was upgrade the air conditioner. Mom never used her air conditioner. She is one of those people who’s always cool. Even in the middle of the summer season when the temperatures outside are actually high and the sun is actually hot, my mother never turns the air conditioner on. It’s the reason why mom never called the HVAC worker to service it. She gets the heating serviced all the time so it works fine. However, the air conditioner leaves a lot to be desired. The unit is outdated and hasn’t been well repaired for a long time. The new owners asked her to get a new air conditioner before they sign all of the paperwork. My mom wants it done pronto so that she can finally join her friends.


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