Claris got a great offer on the house provided she replaces the cooling system

However, the central AC leaves a lot to be desired

Claris saw it best to move from her condo to a luxury senior home outside the city. She adores this place since it has a store, a gym, and even a pharmacy. Claris explains she can’t wait to move so that she can engage in fun clubs and classes for seniors who care about her. Her kids understand that, however it makes them anxious that their mom is going to be selling their childhood home. Claris recently got a good offer on the condo. But, one issue that she has to take care of before they close is to replace the central AC. Claris never uses the central AC in the condo. She’s always cold, even in the middle of the summertime when the temperatures outside are absolutely high, plus the sun is absolutely hot. Claris never turns the central AC on inside of her condo. Because she never uses the unit, she also never has it checked by the4 Heating and A/C serviceman. She has him check the gas furnace frequently which is why it is in tip top shape. However, the central AC leaves a lot to be desired. It’s super outdated and hasn’t been well worked for some time. The new buyers for the condo requested Claris to get a new central AC installed before they sign all of the paperwork. She’s in a hurry to get it all done so that she can move to her new place.




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