Dad plans to move to a senior centre soon

Dad decided that he wanted to move out of his home and into an extravagant senior community for the elderly here in our town.

He is entirely in love with this place.

It has a grocery store, a gym, and even a pharmacy. Dad says that he just can’t wait to get there so that he can join all the fun clubs and classes for seniors who live there. My siblings and I believe we can understand that, but it makes us upset that he’s going to be selling his home. Dad already had an excellent offer on the house, but one thing that he has to do before they close on it is put in a new air conditioning system. Dad never uses the air conditioner at home. He is a person who’s constantly cold, even in the middle of the summertime when the temperatures outside rise and the sun is so hot. Dad never turns the air conditioner inside the house. Since he never uses the air conditioning, he also never has it tested by a Heating and A/C worker. They check the heating furnace which is in tip top shape. However, the air conditioning leaves a lot to be desired. It’s super ancient and it hasn’t been well taken care of at all over the years. The new clients for the home asked dad to get a new air conditioning plan installed before they sign all of the paperwork. He is in a hurry to get it all done so that he can move to his new home.

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