Before she moved out, my mom had to install a new A/C system

My mom decided that she wanted to move out of her house and into one of those fancy senior communities here in our town.

She is really in love with this place.

It has an on site grocery store, a gym, and even a pharmacy. She says that she just can’t wait to get there so that she can take advantage of all of the fun clubs and classes for seniors like her. I guess I can understand that, but it makes me sad that she’s going to be selling her house! She already had a great offer on the house, but the only thing that she has to do before they close on it is put in a new A/C system. My mom never uses her air conditioning system in her house. She is one of those people who is just about always cold. Even in the middle of the summertime when the temperatures outside are really high and the sun is really hot, my mother never turns the air conditioning on inside of her house. Since she never uses the A/C, she also never has it checked by her HVAC technician. Now, they check the heating all the time and her furnace unit is in tip top shape. However, the A/C leaves a lot to be desired. It’s super old and it hasn’t been well maintained at all over the years. The new buyers for the house asked her to get a new A/C system installed before they sign all of the paperwork. My mom is in a hurry to get it all done so that she can move to her new place!



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