Working to have defined ab muscles for the pool party

I have set a goal to achieve defined abs by the time of my brother’s pool party. Every year, at the end of July, our group of friends get together at my brother’s pool to just hang out. We stand around in our swimsuits and drink cocktails for hours. Every year, I feel a little too soft around my belly area. This year I am determined to have abs. I realize that achieving a 6 pack as a woman is difficult. For me, it seems impossible. I just want to look my best! Rather than hitting the crunches every day and becoming discouraged, I am taking advantage of professional assistance. There is a body wellness center that includes personal training. I have contacted a trainer about helping me with my workouts three mornings per week. The other days, I will handle my own ab workouts. I plan to do a lot of high intensity cardio work. So far I am excited about the personal training. The trainer has me doing ab exercises that I wasn’t aware even existed. The guy has me doing ab crunches while balancing on an inflated ball. Sometimes we toss a medicine ball back plus forth. I’ve been doing tons of tuck jumps. My belly is sore most of the time. It’s a struggle to get out of bed and complete my daily workouts. My personal trainer is also focused on what I eat. He says that working the muscle isn’t sufficient. I need to eliminate sugar, sodium and carbs if I want to have defined ab muscles. A great deal of time and work is going into one area of my body, but I now understand why my stomach always looked a little soft. It is not easy to have a toned belly area.
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