Trying to get my husband to workout

My husband and I couldn’t be more different with our priorities in life.

  • My husband is totally focused on the financial side of life.

He has saved a ton of money for retirement. He has paid off his student loans and has already purchased a rental property for extra income. Financially, he is very prepared and responsible. However, my husband doesn’t live a healthy lifestyle. He often snacks throughout the day while working a desk job. He never agrees to a bike ride but would rather drive the car. He drinks a lot of coffee, smokes cigarettes and is capable of eating a whole bag of potato chips in the evening. I would not be so concerned over these poor health habits if he would regularly workout. Just a half an hour per day would help immensely. I can’t manage to motivate him. I offered to cover the cost of personal training at the local fitness center in town. My husband was unwilling to make the drive and give up his time. So he is going to be overweight, deal with health problems and probably not live as long. I am in excellent shape. My daily workouts are extremely demanding and I watch what I eat. I go for a doctor’s visit once per year, use expensive skin care products and do six-month check ups with my dentist. I am not so good when it comes to money. I tend to spend nearly every dime I earn. I tell my husband that he is going to suffer a heart attack at 50 and his retirement money is going to take care of me. I think we both wish the other would listen to our advice.


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