Home gym gets overheated without A/C

I have a shed in the backyard. I use it as my personal gym. There are several folding mats to cover the cement floor. In the shed, I have access to a jump rope, free weights, wireless sound system and I keep a clean sweat towel on hand. I enjoy being totally private inside my shed. My husband rarely bothers me out there because the shed is located across the lawn. I close the door and do whatever I want. When the conditions are especially hot and sticky, I workout in my bra and underwear. I don’t need to worry about a delivery driver catching a peek at me. The only drawback to my shed is the absence of heating plus cooling. I am located down south and A/C is a priority. Feeling overheated is unpleasant when working out. The sweat sometimes burns my eyes because of how much runs down my face. I prefer a cardio based workout most of the time. However, jumping rope or doing sprints when the temperature is upwards of 90 degrees is horrible and can be dangerous. I drink water continuously, but that doesn’t prevent fatigue. I also get aggravated with the need to wash my mats everyday. The sweat makes the mat sticky and smelly. After every training session, I use my disinfectant spray plus do some cleaning. If I had a cooling unit, I could workout out more comfortably. I could enjoy my cardio workout for an hour and not be forced to exercise so early in the morning. I am planning to buy a window A/C unit that will fit the shed.

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