Going too far when working out

I am not the best at doing things in moderation. Especially when it comes to fitness, I go a little overboard. I prefer gymnastic based workouts. One of my favorite training sessions is what I call drill day. Rather than go through the actual gymnastic elements such as walkovers or back handsprings, I work on the motions for it. I usually perform dozens of bridges, cartwheel drills and handstands; After a solid hour of this type of work, I am so overheated and exhausted I can barely stand. The next day I typically feel the results of the workout. My arms are sore from holding my body weight up repeatedly. My butt and thighs hurt from propelling me over on a cartwheel again and again. I even feel sore in my upper back, neck and groin area. Anything I do too much can become a problem. I can’t seem to restrain myself. I get really into my drills and end up feeling so sore. A little bit of an ache is good. To me, it means that muscles I don’t use often get worked. Too much soreness means I pushed my body too far. I’ve ruined many days worth of workouts because of overdoing it. When I have an aching back and neck, I don’t feel in the mood or shape to tumble. I then just start stretching and going through a yoga based workout. Now and then I make myself run. I never am as satisfied with those types of workouts though. I’ve learned it is best for me to do a moderate workout everyday instead of killing myself one day per week.


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