Getting help with SEO strategies

I invested a big percentage of my budget into marketing at the start up of my company.

I tried the traditional advertisement strategies to draw attention to the business.

Over the years, I noticed that my company was not growing as I’d hoped. I paid for billboards along the highway and advertised through local print media. I saw disappointing results from the efforts and yet the cost was high. I got really discouraged and finally mentioned my concerns to my brother. We chatted about work during a holiday dinner at our parents’ house. My brother advised me to give up on traditional print advertising and look into some newer methods. He said that I should consider digital marketing and professional SEO services. The company he works for had hired an SEO company to promote their services and were pleased with the return. His company was getting new sales and customers and had actually doubled their service appointments in just eight weeks of making this change. I wasn’t convinced that hiring an SEO company would work as well for my HVAC company as his car dealership. However, I did like the idea that having a professional manage my advertising and marketing would free up my time. I would rather focus more on the actual running of the business. I liked the idea of someone else handling the management of the website and social media posts. The company I chose started by totally overhauling our website and making everything from the font to the graphics more inviting. Our customers can now fill out a contact form and ask questions. Once we have their information, we can target them with specials and discounts. Plus, potential customers can see our list of services, including duct sealing, oil to gas conversion, sheet metal fabrication and other specialities. This has helped to bring in new customers and expand our service area.

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