Reaching new customers

My corporation has grown successfully.

  • We have kept ahead of the majority of the competition in our industry and service area.

We typically rank high and receive positive reviews on social media platforms. Our SEO department keeps up with emerging trends. Our website generates a great deal of traffic. We get contact forms from new customers that lead to sales and services. I When the company sees growth, we reward our workforce at the end of the quarter. We share the profits to build company loyalty. However, after coming across some marketing blogs online, I saw that we were still missing out on potential leads. Our HVAC company was not tapping into the available social media opportunities. Our HVAC company has a presence on Facebook and Instagram that was proving helpful. The social media management team was seeing positive feedback every day, with a greater number of potential clients landing our pages. A higher percentage of these contacts were followed up by scheduling service. At least a quarter of those services converted into contracts for ongoing maintenance. This adds up into profits and growth. However, we were doing nothing with Twitter. I had heard about this platform a few years ago, but didn’t think it would benefit our dealership. After reading the marketing blog, I approached our advertising team. We investigated the options for Twitter and got excited. However, we didn’t realize the number of inquiries we would generate on our first day on Twitter. This was a platform with enormous potential. We gained quite a few sales and reached new customers.


Reaching new customers

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