Virtual fitness classes during quarantine

The quarantine was really difficult for me at first.

I am a social person.

I normally went out with friends four or five nights a week. Even if I didn’t have any plans, I would head out and see who I ran into. I liked hanging out at a few different bars in a single night. I’d grab a single drink at each one, talk to people and often make new friends. Suddenly staying home for weeks on end was torture. At a certain point I realized that I needed something new to focus on. I needed a new activity to keep me busy and happy. I set up a home gym in a guest bedroom. I bought some free weights, a yoga mat, jump rope and kettlebells. I also invested in TV for my home gym and started working out every single day. I found a virtual training program that is really inspiring. I use the equipment in the home gym and follow an instructor who is on the screen. Although I’m alone at home, it feels like I’m actually interacting with someone. The instructor leads a whole group of people through a strenuous workout program. We can talk to each other as if we are all together. I have now taken online yoga classes, cross fit, weight lifting, dance aerobics and several other kinds of virtual workout classes. This helped get me in shape, and it made the quarantine a little less painful. Now that the local gyms have opened back up, I’m considering a membership. I would like to take a fitness class and actually be in the same room as the other people. I’d like access to all the different types of equipment.

Cross fit gym

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