Figuring out how to get healthy

I like drinking beer.

My problem is that my metabolism has slowed.

I have a high tolerance for alcohol. I can drink a six pack and barely feel it. When I was still in my twenties, I could get away with that lifestyle. Now that I am in my forties, those added calories are catching up with me. Not only do I need to slow down my beer consumption, I need to focus on my health and fitness. I need to get rid of this extra weight. Everyone recommends that I join a gym. I realize there are a lot of benefits to a gym membership. I’d have access to an array of workout equipment. I certainly could never afford to have treadmills, stationary bikes, ellipticals and strength training machines in a home gym. Plus, there are personal trainers on staff. I could work with a personal trainer one-on-one and get a workout program that is tailored specifically to my needs. With private coaching, I’d be held accountable and probably get in shape much quicker than on my own.There are group workout classes offered at the gym. I could sign up for pilates, spin, yoga or crossfit. The gym membership fees aren’t overly expensive. I have been reluctant to sign up at the gym. I don’t want to workout around other people. I would much rather tackle my fitness program privately. I don’t want to feel intimidated or embarrassed. I’ve invested in a weight bench, some free weights and a jump rope. I’ve started going for runs and riding my bike. I take my kayak out on the lake a couple times per week. I’ve also changed my diet and given up the beer. I am figuring out my own ways to get healthy.
Yoga classes

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