Riding my bike for a workout program

I finally bought myself a bicycle. I’d gone without one for over 10 years. Riding my mike was always one of my favorite activities as a kid. I would pedal around the neighborhood and head off on adventures with my friends. We had access to paved trails for bikes through the local parks and woods. When I first got my new bike, I rode it around our driveway. I wanted to practice a bit and get the hang of riding again. I then started hauling my bike to places all over our city. I discovered a lot of really amazing nature trails that I hadn’t been aware of before. I have seen positive effects from elevating my fitness routine. Riding my bike is an excellent workout. It targets all different muscles and provides cardio activity. It gets the heart pumping and the lungs working harder. It tones muscles and builds endurance. I can increase the intensity of the workout by pedaling faster, shifting gears or riding further. I am fortunate to have access to miles and miles of paved paths that are restricted to motorized vehicles. I’ve added a basket to my bike so that I can run errands and bring along a jump rope and sweat towel. I have a holster for a water bottle and one for my iphone. I attach a bluetooth speaker to my handlebars and listen to music while I ride. It is the most enjoyable type of workout that I do. I love getting fresh air, feeling the sun on my skin and experiencing new sights.

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