I knew I had to follow a nutrition training program

I can’t count how many times I said I was sticking to a better diet and then completely messed that up.

It is so hard to continue to say no when you are surrounded by temptation.

I can’t escape delicious food, I see it everywhere, on TV, on signs and obviously fast food places. All of it promoting junk food makes it really hard to say no. Sometimes my own mind will become my enemy, and even if I am doing a good job of avoiding unhealthy food, my mind will convince me by saying “Just one more bite”. Anyways, I realized I couldn’t do this alone, so I instead relied on a nutrition training program. This is an online program where you meet with a nutrition lifestyle coach who gives you a customized nutrition plan, and then the coach walks through the steps of how you are going to follow this plan. Not only that, but these coaches know a lot of people don’t care for healthier food, so they even put recipes to healthier foods that are popular and just as good as the junk food. They have even included healthier restaurants! I have been following this nutrition training plan and doing my own meal prep, and so far I have been doing really well. I have followed this plan for 3 months now, which is the longest I’ve ever gone. I have felt so much better with eating healthier, and I feel like I have more energy! I think that I have found a solution to a lot of my problems.

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